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French Macaron Recipe in the USA - A Delectable Journey by Chef Sharon Shay

Founder, Chef Sharon Shay, was born in Marseille France, learned all the French cuisine from her family. At age of 19 she moved to Chicago and decided to pursue culinary and pastry fields. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and studied from Lenotre Paris to perfect her knowledge about macarons french cookie.   
Chef Sharon Shay had a dream to share delectable Easy French Macarons with the world and to perfect her long-time family macarons recipe. 
Originally from France, she was totally surprised to find out that the American take on the “macarons” was often simply sugar sandwich cookie shaped or, confused with the familiar coconut cookie called “macaroon”. She knew that with a little consumer education, and by treating the American palate to true French macarons with a few changes for their taste palate, Sharon knew that she could bring a taste and texture sensation to the American marketplace.
In 2015, Chef Sharon Shay began sharing her delectable macarons with the American consumer market and opened her first Le Petit Sucre Kiosk. Because of the big success around customers, she decided to help more businesses in selling her macarons and started producing from her own wholesale kitchen.
Le Petite Sucre concept is unique, it is focused on wholesale macarons and perfecting it for our consumers. Today’s consumers are eager to engage with providing their customers with new unique products. They want a variety of flavors and unique textures, including rich quality but still  a good looking product. Each of our signature macarons is handcrafted by our well chosen team of chefs at our Le Petit Sucre commissary.
Our true French macaron is made with the finest 100% gluten-free ingredients sourced around the globe, not using preservatives. Made with love every day!